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Robert Robinson

MiraCosta College

Head Basketball Coach

There are things in your life that you never knew you needed until you're exposed to it. But once you're exposed to it, you wonder what the hell was I doing before I knew this??? I was a very successful High School and College basketball coach for over 24 years when I met Matt. That’s 24 years of successful relationship building and collaborating with colleagues and administrators. Within one hour of talking to Matt, I was better at the most important aspect that equal success in my Job field, communicating. After our first conversation

I humbly realized that this coach needed a coach.

Over the course of our conversations and training I was able to retroactively connect dots and clear the grey that had accompanied so many of my relationships and interactions with those I work for and with over my coaching/teaching career. More importantly, it gave me a new perspective and confidence to effectively communicate with everyone I cross paths with in my hoops circle going forward. The techniques and philosophies that Matt shares of breaking down the verbal and nonverbal volley’s between the individual, small group, or large group while communicating can be used in any setting. Whether I’m talking to the University Chancellor, or my point guard in practice, the foundation of effectively expressing one’s desires to get something accomplished is the same.

Matt has helped me to build and understand that foundation.

I am grateful for every minute spent with Matt. Not only because I gained a new friend, but because he never once wasted my time and made be better at what I do. And for a professional adult, that’s all we ever want, to be better.

After a couple of weeks, I went from sharing a verbal resume in an interview to telling my story. I bolstered my network and made great connections for the future. I won't give away all of his secrets, but Matt takes the time to understand, advise, and coach you to success. He is never short on examples, the “why”, and has a tremendous ability to improve without being negative. Within about six weeks I went from catching in a phone call to receiving an offer in a very challenging marketplace.

Shane Egnew

Professional Services Leader

Matt allowed me into his tribe, I felt respected and valued as a human and as a contributor to any opportunity I chased. He's real, he's driven, and that approach can't help but be contagious. In the end, I not only accepted an opportunity that really is perfect for me and my career aspirations, but I made a new lifelong friend and advocate.

Dan DeSive


Matt has developed a proven set of tools that expertly equip professionals to clearly communicate their value in the marketplace. He helped me identify and process the emotions around my layoff, while also showing me how to uncover my true value. Matt taught me how to package my experience to be my own best advocate. With his support I quickly gained the confidence to create and secure my next opportunity.

Kristin Huntley

Global Strategy Leader

I would recommend Matt Trent to any professional seeking new and rewarding career opportunities, and seeks a career counselor who delivers the goods. I expect to be working with Matt as my career develops to help me navigate in a new role, and advance my career to the next level. Let Matt take you to new heights in your search for rewarding work!

Felicia Olsen

Management Consultant

Matt helped me land my current job, and do a better job interacting with leaders on the job. I'm also confident it will help me with my next job search, and I know he has a formula that works. Thanks, Matt, for your unwavering support and the countless hours you spent helping me through a difficult time of finding a new job.

Mattock Smith

Enterprise Architect

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  • 12+ Hours of Video Lessons

  • 35 Downloadable Course Documents & Templates